The New End Time Prophecy Book Everyone is talking about 

Uncompromising, thought provoking and totally compelling 

After experiencing a dramatic wake up call Jason Carter began a period of intensive research about the connection between end-time Bible prophecies and contemporary events on the world stage. The results of his intensive investigations are startling.

In Trumpet Blast Warning you will discover how:


  • minds are being manipulated through mass media propaganda 

  • freedoms and democracy are being subtly eroded

  • national sovereignties are being replaced by a one world government

  • human catastrophes are not always as ‘accidental’ as they seem

  • technology and surveillance are being used to control and oppress 

  • the anti-Christ spirit is intensifying all over the earth

  • the world is gearing up for the climactic events of history


Unless the trumpet is sounded no one will get ready.

Jason Carter’s book sounds an unequivocal trumpet blast warning

and rallies everyone to be prepared.


Truly, the countdown to the Apocalypse has begun.

Also available on Kindle 

Price £1.99