April 15th, 2020, Jason Carter


The invisible enemy continues to wreak havoc across our world. But a far greater peril looms visible in plain sight.


An existential threat to all humanity rises. But the locked-down masses sleepwalk oblivious. They binge-watch Netflix, with phone, death-gripped in hand, vacantly surfing their virtual existence. Others sit engaged, long into the night, squinty-eyed, in Xbox fantasy conflicts. If only they would stand up to fight the real battle poised to snatch them away. Like addicts, the masses inject mainstream disinformation, a fix that lasts only a moment before the need to return for more. Promulgators of fear and deceit are the once trusted broadcasters, demoralizing the populace into a defeatist and cowering mindset.

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With your help I can continue broadcasting the truth in an age of deception and censorship.

Civil unrest, riots, vaccines and world government

A few thoughts concerning our times...civil unrest, staged crisis events, all these things being used to destabilise the West and bring about a world government dictated by the UN using fear...the believer must not fear...time to arise and shine for our light has come....

A Distraction - Secular Social Justice

Let's not be deceived...distractions, big distractions...divide and conquer...social justice being used to bring division...the opposite of what it promotes...to continue advancing the globalist agenda for total control of the planet through crisis events...track and trace installation...time to use an old 2G phone...time to stop trusting in leaders and 'democracy'...