House Church Network

Post-C0V1D and possible future health scares a new world has emerged. It is a world hostile to biblical Christianity and one that is making it increasingly hard for the church to function in a building with all the governmental regulations being foisted upon it.

In private homes these draconian measures cannot be enforced. Christians are free from prying eyes to go unmasked, worship, hug, greet each other with a kiss, break bread, lay hands on the sick and basically operate the church in-line within a biblical framework.

A private Facebook group has been set up to encourage the formation of a network of house churches across the UK and beyond for the purpose of equipping the saints in these uncertain times and to encourage them to live in a New Testament style church fellowship and to do all that Jesus commanded.

If you are interested in joining, message Jason Carter and an invitation the will be sent. In time there will be other means to connect online.

Note: House Church Network is NOT virtual church. It is only a place to connect together and to encourage the formation of real churches in the real world.